Determine the type of skin

Oily skin

The skin of this type is usually thicker, the pores are clearly visible and enlarged. The skin has an oily sheen, due to which it collects all the dirt and dust - that is why oily skin often suffers from rashes and acne. The advantage is that due to the thickness and protection from overdrying, oily skin is not prone to wrinkles, so owners of this type of skin (if they learn to properly care for it) will look young for a long time.

Dry skin

In contrast to oily, dry skin type is distinguished by a fine structure, transparency and opacity. It is easily subject to irritations, can peel off and feel "tightness." Wrinkles appear on dry skin the fastest. It needs constant hydration and is extremely sensitive to aggressive makeup remover and hard water.

Normal skin

The moisture and fat content of this type of skin is balanced, so it is the least trouble-free in care and looks young for a long time. But this does not mean that you do not need to take care of it at all, just pick up all the means for normal skin, there will be a PH.

Combination skin

With this type of skin, the T-zone area is usually like that of oily skin, in the area of ​​the eyes, on the temples and chin, there may be dry skin. The skin can look heterogeneous, be sensitive to cosmetics - you need to choose the care products very carefully.

House care rules

In order for the skin to be protected from the influence of the environment and look perfect, you need it - first - to clean, second - to tone up, and third - to moisturize / nourish. All this facial can be done at home.It is necessary to carry out all these actions in the morning and in the evening, with the only difference that in the morning - after cleansing and toning, we moisturize the skin and in the evening - nourish. Do not think that in the morning you can do without the first two points and just start applying cosmetics to the cream (or without it!).

After all, while we sleep, the sebaceous glands also work, we rub face down on a pillow, and collect dust and bacteria on it that will gladly arrange inflammation and acne if you do not carefully carry out all the morning procedures. Means for these care processes should be chosen according to the type of skin (have you already decided on it in the previous paragraph?).

Your skin type is not forever

Skin type can change over the course of a lifetime, therefore, cosmetics should be selected based on how your skin feels and looks now. In summer, usually any type of skin produces more fat; in winter, it is more dry. Hormones and nutrition also affect the sebaceous glands. For example, with the advent of menopause, the skin becomes dry, and the addition of polyunsaturated fatty acids to the diet makes dry skin normal.

Features of facial care by skin type

If you use mass-market cosmetics, check out the composition of products. Try to choose the most natural (read in this case - harmless) means.IMPORTANT! For oily skin, we don’t use tonics with alcohol (this is exactly what inexperienced young girls do - after all, oily skin, I really want to degrease, but this can only aggravate the problem). Also for oily skin creams are contraindicated on a greasy basis and without a mark about the absence of comedogenicity.

IMPORTANT: For dry skin, choose soft non-aggressive cleansing and toning agents. But fat-free creams are not suitable here. Dry skin is especially important to protect against ultraviolet rays and frost. Therefore, in the summer, do not go outside without a protective moisturizer, and in the winter without fat-nourishing. And before going out on the street it is desirable to take 30 minutes.

IMPORTANT: For combination skin, the appropriate care of its various areas is important.

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